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1. Log in and Log out
Log In:
Click the Sign In/join link located at the top of the homepage, or click here.
Enter your email address and password under the heading "New Customer" or "Returning Customer" Click Register or Login to log into your account.

Log Out:
There are two ways to log out of your account.
Click the Logout link located in the top right corner of our homepage.
Close your web browser window that is displaying the webpage to automatically log out.

If you have lost your password, please click our Forgot Your Passport link to retrieve your pass password.

2. Create an Account?
Before Shopping:
  Click on Sign In/join link located at the top of the homepage.
  Under the heading "New Customer?" enters your email address.
  Create and confirm your password.
  Complete your account set up.

During the Checkout Process:
1. From your shopping bag, enter your email address.
2.Create and confirm your password.
3. Click the "Register" button.

3. Update Your Personal Account Information

 Update Your Name, Email Address, Password, Address Book,
  Steps for Updating Your Personal Information
1. Login with your email address you used to register.
2. Select the information link on the left (Account Information, Change Password, Address book) that you wish to change
3. Enter the updated information.
4. Click the Submit button to update your information. Orders


1. How can I add or modify Items in my shopping bag?
To add items from our site to your shopping bag for purchase, follow steps below: When you find an item you would like to purchase, click the red "Add to Bag" button on the items product detail page.
To continue shopping, click the red "Continue Shopping" button You may view items in your shopping bag at any time by clicking the link next to the "bag" icon in the top right corner of any page.
From the "Bag" screen, you may "Delete Items" by clicking the word located to the right of the item. When you finish shopping, click the "check out" button in your shopping bag.

Why the Shopping Bag Not Saving Items?
If you have difficulty adding items to your bag, oryour bag appears empty after you add items, make sure your browseris set toenable cookies.Modifying Items in Your Shopping BagGo to the Shopping bag page by clicking on the link next to the "bag" icon in the top right corner of any page.

Want to buy multiple quantities in your Shopping Bag?
Select the quantity you want and click the black"update"button.

2. How can I use my coupon?
Once you add your product into your shopping bag, you will find an " Enter your coupon here:" blank on the left bottom.Go ahead and enter the related coupon code. Then click on the "Apply Coupon" link to confirm that your coupon was applied and enjoy the savings.
Please remember that you will only be able to use one coupon or discounted offer per order. Unless the coupon is forshipping or specifically includes shipping, shipping will not be included. If you have problems entering the code or the system showing the discount, please contact Customer Support Center at any time via email at or support ticket

3. Can I cancel an order after it is placed?
Yes, you can, but you have to cancel before it is shipped out. After it is shipped, it will be considered as returns andyou have to afford the return shipping fee and the restocking fee. To cancel an order, you can contact our customer support center for assistance.

4. How do I track my order?
To track your order online, you can log in to your account, from where you can view the latest status of all your orders with us. You may also contact our Customer Support Center at any time via email at or support ticket at .

5. How do I order the item that is out of stock?
You can find that there're different statuses on stocks when ordering on our website:
"In stock" --The products are on formal sales and they are in stock.
"2-3 days waiting" -- The products are on formal sales but you normally have to wait 2-3 more days because sometimes the manufactures have to organize and manage inventory.
"Pre-order" -- The products are about to be on formal sales but you can order beforehand.
"Out of stock" -- The products are out of stock and you are not able to order them.

6. What can I do if something wrong with my order?
If you need to change something on your order, such as changing address/receiver's name, etc, or adding/canceling an item, please contact our customer support center o make a change before it's shipped. Once an order is shipped out, it will be unavailable to make a change.

7. Can I combine my orders?
Yes, if you place multiple orders, we will combine them for you if you like. But if the items you ordered are from different warehouses and one or some of them are temporarily out of stock, then you have to wait till they are in stock again.

8. Do you accept credit and debit card payments by phone/mail order?
No, we do not accept credit and debit card payments by phone/mail order. We will consider it in the future.

1. What payment methods do you take? 

    At present, we take Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

2. It is safe to fill in my credit card number on your website?

It's 100% safe. We take any possible measures to guarantee customers' information by utilizing thecurrent industry-standard encryption protocol and other methods. So please don't worry about the safety whenever.

3. I am checking out for an order, but I have no idea why my payment always fails to go through?

When you meet with this situation, you should firstly contact the bank which   issues the credit card and check if any spending limit on the card. Meanwhile, you can contact our customer support   center for assistance.

4. If I place an order but the payment fails to go through, may my card be deducted later?

That will never happen. In fact, you pay through the third-party platform and we don't even know the information of your card. All the unpaid orders are considered to be null. 

5. What currencies can I use?

When you checkout you can choose from any of the following currencies: US Dollars (USD)Euros (EUR)British Pounds Sterling (GBP)

6. What is 2Checkout?

We use a simple online payment processor 2Checkout. It is an online payment processing service that bundles a payment gateway and our account into a single package for simple integration. 2Checkout’s international currencies, multiple languages and easy integration with dozens of online shopping carts have made us successfully dealing with payments and protecting your trading rights.

Shipping &Delivery

1. How long does it take to ship an order?
We usually deal with an order within 24hours in a business day after receiving the payment and ensure any order to be delivered in a shortest time in business days. The delivery time varies based on where you are located and some other cases.

2. What methods of shipping do you offer?
We currently offer Free Worldwide Shipping. Besides, we offer Express Shipping and Urgent Express Shipping by UPS, EMS, or USPS according to your requirement with additional payment. You can get more information at .

3. How do I know the package is shipped and where it is?
To track your package online, you can log in to your account, from where you can view the latest status of all your packages and know where they are. You may also contact our Customer Support Center at any time via email at or support ticket at

4. What if my package is missing or stolen?
It is almost impossible that one package is missing or stole, but once it occurs, we will re-ship the item as compensation. However, if you provide wrong address or change the address without letting us know in advance, we will not be responsible for the re-shipping.

5. It's been two weeks, where's my package?
Sometimes, there may be a delay on some orders due to various causes, like severe weather, flight delay, floods, wars, etc. If this case happens, please contact us. We will find out the latest status of the shipping and try our best to make the package arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible.

6. What countries do you make delivery to?
We make delivery to most countries in the world, Just click on our shipping policy page to get detailed information.

Returns & Exchanges
1.What if I want to return an item?
We strive to satisfy our customers and hope you will enjoy the purchase from our online store, but if for some reason you are dissatisfied and want to return it, we can help you with that. Please click on more details.

2.Will I get the full refund immediately after I return the item?
No, we will issue the refund once receiving the items and making sure it's in original condition. However, it may take more than 10 business days for you to receive the refund if you pay by credit card because it will take a time for the bank to finish processing it.

3.Do I need to afford the shipping fee if I return an item?
If it's our fault, such as shipping a wrong item, a defective item, then we will afford the fee; if it's returned because of your dissatisfaction, such as you don't need it any more, you want to change to a better one, etc, and then you have to afford the shipping fee.

4.If I return a used or damaged item, how much refund can I get?
If the item is damaged, you cannot return the item; if the item is used or not in its original condition, then we will just issue 50% refund. For more details, you can contact our customer support center via email at or support ticket at .

5.Can I exchange the item I purchased originally?
Yes, but you have to afford the balance, and sometimes you also need to afford the restocking fee for the original product. You can contact our customer support center for more information beforehand.